PM asks for active response to climate change

PM asks for active response to climate change - 

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed that responding to climate change is the responsibility of the whole political system while addressing the sixth meeting of the National Committee on Climate Change on April 19.

The PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaking at the sixth meeting of the National Committee on Climate Change on April 19.

The PM referred to active developments in climate change adaption works as well as shortcomings and obstacles in climate change adaption policies, strategies, plans and projects.

He asked for launching communication campaigns to raise the awareness of climate change.

Ministries and agencies need to include climate change in socio-economic development plans, and join in efforts to transform the economy into a green one, he said.

The environment, together with economy and society, form a triangle of development, he noted.

The PM proposed mobilizing resources for coping with climate change, giving priority to key projects and plans to upgrade water reserves and dykes for production and lives.

He asked for supervising the overcoming of consequences of sea-water intrusion and drought, effectively carrying out climate change adaption and green growth programs, enhancing forecast capacity, protecting mangroves and coastal forests, accelerating the use of clean and renewable energy as well as anti-corruption in realizing related programs and projects.

Source : VIR/VGP

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