Lilama participetes in election of the pressure tanks of Nghi Son Refinery

Lilama participetes in election of the pressure tanks of Nghi Son Refinery - 

Lilama Corporation has signed with JGCS Consortium (including JGC, GS, ChiyodaSK E&C and Technip Companies), a general contractor, a VND 500 billion bid package for election of the tanks of Nghi Son Refinery.

According to the contract, Lilama will take part in election of 16 pressure tanks, with a total weight of 27,000 tons, including 8 crude oil tanks with a diameter of 89 meters (96,000 m3) and 8 product tanks, of which 4 ones with a diameter of 69 meters ( 68,000 m3 ) and 4 ones with a diameter of 60 meters ( 43,000 m3).

The work is expected to begin in October, 2014 and end in September, 2016.

Before that, Lilama signed an agreement with JGCS Consortium for a VND 400 billion bid package for manufacturing 10,000 tons of steel structures for Nghi Son Refinery.

The construction of Nghi Son Refinery began on October 23rd, 2013, in Nghi Son Economic Zone, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province. This is a national crucial construction, with an expected oil refinary capacity of 200,000 barrels per day (10 million tons per year).

The total investment capital of Nghi Son Refinery is over $ 9 billion, among that approximately $4 billion, from investors and around $5 billion expected from a loan of JBIC, IFC, NEXI, KEXIM and domestic and international banks (the rest is the investment of the owner).

Crude oil for Nghi Son Refinery is imported from Kuwaitt (KEC). The main products of Nghi Son Refinery include: LPG, gasoline (RON 92, 95), diesel oil (high-class ang ordinary), kerosene/jet fuel, polypropylene, para-xylene, benzene và sulphur.

The shares of the holders investing in Nghi Son Refinery are as follow: Petrovietnam (PVN) - 25,1%; Kuwaitt International Petroleum Corporation (KPI/KPE) - 35,1%; Japan Idemitsu Kosan Corporation (IKC) - 35,1%; Japan Mitsui Chemical Corporation (MCI) - 4,7%. Nghi Son Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Corporation Ltd (NSRP) was founded by the investors in accordance with a joint-venture contract signed on April 7th,2008 and an investment licence issued on April, 14th,, 2008.

EPC Joint Venture of Nghi Son Refinery headed by JGC Corporation (Japan) includes the members as Chiyoda (Japan), GS E & C (Korea), SK E&C (Korea), Technip France (France) và Technip Geoproduction (Malaysia).

Nghi Son Refinery project will be implemented by a turnkey EPC. It is expected to complete the project construction in IV quarter, 2016 and to begin commercial operation in 2017.

Nghi Son Refinery Project plays a very inportant role in energy development strategy of Vietnamese Government, that aims to meet the increasing demand of refinery and petrochemical products due to the rapid process of the modernization and industrialization of the country. The project will mark an extreme progressive step on the way to ensure the supply of oil refinery products and energy resources.for domestic demand.

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