Ho Chi Minh City will have more a Waste –to – Energy plant

Ho Chi Minh City will have more a Waste –to – Energy plant - 

On November 22, 2018, at the Northwest Solid Waste Treatment Complex in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in coordination with Tasco Joint Stock Company Solid started construction of the Tasco - Cu Chi Waste - to -Energy project.

The project invested by Tasco Joint Stock Company with a total investment level of around 1,000 billion VND will treat and process 500 tons of waste per day and in long term the capacity could be extended to meet increasing waste amount of the city. The project is expected to be put into operation after 24-month construction with an economic life up to June 2057.

The project is designed with the technology of high efficiency, no stinking odor emission, minimizing pollutant emissions, reducing the rate of buried garbage to less than 3%, utilizing organic matter to produce organic fertilizer of high quality (returning organic matter to the soil). The exhaust fumes from this plant will achieve the quality of the European standards and be online monitored for 24/24 hours. Besides, the ash and slag could be utilized for making the adobe bricks.

Currently, every day, there is about 8,900 tons of solid waste disposed of in Ho Chi Minh City, of which 76% is buried in ground, 14.7% recycled into plastic, and 9.3% non-electricity fired.

Ho Chi Minh city plans a goal to reduce the rate of the buried solid waste to 50 % by 2020 and 20 % by 2050.

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