Green technology awards for domestic energy saving products

Green technology awards for domestic energy saving products - 

The International Exhibition Fair on Environment and Energy Technology (ENTECH HANOI 2014) to be held in Hanoi from May 21-23, has decided to award six green technology companies with typical energy saving products highly applicable to production and life, including products made in Vietnam.

Award Ceremony for six green technology companies with typical energy saving products.

The first prize was awarded to the energy efficient electrostatic precipitator developed by Vu Huy Toan and his associates at the Construction Machinery and Industrial Works CONINCO Joint Stock Company (CONINCO-MI). The device is the most advanced and more and more used in industries such as energy, metallurgy, and cement to handle dusts incurred in production, protect the environment and spare materials.

The CONINCO-MI manufactured electrostatic precipitator reaches up to 90 percent localization rate; and therefore, it costs by only about 50-90 percent of prices of imported alternatives. In addition, with high power-saving capabilities, user investment can be redeemable only after about five years of using the device.

The second prize was awarded to the IMove Xmen electric scooter which also has a high localization rate and proves good consumer choice thanks to good quality and cost savings. According to Linh Trung Tin Import Export JSC representative Trinh Hoang Ngoc Bich, as a producer and distributor of IMove Xmen scooters in Vietnam, the company is proud to reach up to 80 percent localization rate, and therefore, can provide domestic customers products with premium features at very competitive prices compared to imported alternatives.

The IMove Xmen electric scooter can go from 65-70km per charge. With designed 1.000W capacity, it can operate about the same as a 100 gasoline using motorcycle used. This product is completely environmentally friendly by not generating noises and emissions while saving customers up to 80 percent of the cost compared with the same capacity gasoline using motorcycle. The company currently has 10 showrooms across the country in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nam Dinh, and Son La. About 500 IMove Xmen electric scooters are sold on monthly average at VND18.5 million each.

The third prize was awarded to the solar battery manufactured by the Northern Bach Khoa Investment and Development of Solar Energy Corporation. “These batteries reaches up to 70 percent localization rate and will help reduce solar battery prices significantly in the coming time,” said Northern Bach Khoa Investment and Development of Solar Energy Corporation CEO Luu Ty.

The corporation has become well known for the Spratly Islands solar battery installation project. To date, the company has installed solar battery on 33 floating islands, nine sinking islands, and 14 rigs there. The project started in 2008 and has proven effective. The company’s technical teams will perform checks and maintenance services for every six months.

In addition, the company also installed a 10kW capacity solar system at Thanh Tam Special School in Da Nang, a 30kW capacity solar system at the Integrated Political Administration Center of Binh Duong, an 110kW capacity solar system at the Green One-UN House in Ha Noi. These installations are operating well with high energy efficiency. Currently, the company is continuing to implement three projects in Da Nang, Hanoi and Binh Duong.

Source: VEN

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