GE announces 30,000 operating hours for HA gas turbines

GE announces 30,000 operating hours for HA gas turbines - 

GE announced its fleet of HA gas turbines has achieved 30,000 combined operating hours and net efficiency at nearly 64% just over a year after the first combined-cycle power plant equipped with GE’s HA turbine in Bouchain, France.

HA gas turbines of GE

The company said 30,000 hours is equivalent running at base-load for over 3.5 years, which exceeds the industry standard 8,000 hour requirement for measuring gas turbine reliability. The HA fleet has achieved 99.5% reliability and 98.1% availability—well within norms of a mature fleet and a very strong showing for a new product launch.

At launching time, GE also announced that the company has been recognized by Guinness World Records for powering the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant based on an achieved efficiency rate of up to 62.22% at the Bouchain plant.

“We have a clear path to 65% and we’re confident today at quoting 64%”, said Joe Mastrangelo, President and chief executive officer - Gas Power Systems.

Getting to 65% efficiency will be possible by improving cooling and sealing technologies as well as by improving materials and coatings to help increase exhaust temperatures.

The H-class is the fastest-growing fleet of gas turbines in the world, with nearly 70 orders and 37 shipments since the turbines were launched in late 2014. Today, 10 HA units are now in operation in four countries.

Additionally, according to McCoy Reports, the company achieved 72 percent of all gas turbine sales greater than 30 MW in the second quarter of 2017. For the first half of the year, GE sales of large gas turbines reached 56 percent.

Over the last year, GE has extended the company’s global reach over the last year to more than 16 countries – including U.S., Brazil, Japan, Bahrain, China and many others and continues to be the industry leader in gas turbine orders.


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