Establishing the first project execution hub for CCPP projects in Vietnam

Establishing the first project execution hub for CCPP projects in Vietnam - 

On September 30, in Ha Noi, Siemens AG held an Opening Ceremony “Project Execution Hub” in Vietnam, which serves to complete Siemens contracted projects of Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP) worldwide.

The Opening Ceremony of establishing "Siemens Solution Erection and Commissioning Hub in Vietnam".

Among the other competing countries in the ASEAN region such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, Vietnam has been selected by AG Siemens for setting up this new regional hub supporting power plant projects of Siemens in Asia and Middle East.

Thereby Vietnamese labors will be offered a great opportunity to get trained and work in one of the most complicated and high-tech industry that is the field of gas turbine and steam turbine power plants.

Employed Vietnamese engineers will run through a training program in order to gain theoretical know-how at Siemens headquarter in Germany and to gain practical experiences at different power plant project sites worldwide. After the completion of the training program, they will be delegated abroad to implement Siemens projects in the Asian and Middle East regions. They will work in a healthy and employee-friendly environment with a lot of opportunities for professional and personal development. They will receive a remuneration and benefit package according to the international standards.

“I personally am very proud to witness a very strong combination: High tech made in Germany implemented by skilled and diligent Vietnamese Engineers. The opening of this hub in Vietnam today is another evidence of our long term commitment and our strong believe in a bright future of Vietnam“, stated Dr. Pham Thai Lai, President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam.

“Today, the number of many young, dynamic and well trained people in Vietnam is increasing. With this hub we are creating highly qualified positions for this ambitious workforce, who will contribute to the industrialization of Vietnam and the welfare of the Vietnamese society”, said President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam Dr. Thai-Lai Pham.

Siemens AG is one of the leading contractors in supply and installation of combine cycle power plants worldwide. In order to enlarge the global expert pool for site execution as well as to increase competitiveness and to strengthen the presence in Asia, Siemens intends to establish a hub with qualified staff to work in site management, construction, erection, commissioning, environment health and safety and quality control for power plant projects.

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