Doosan Vina sends the first shipment to the Shoaiba-4 Seawater Desalination Project

Doosan Vina sends the first shipment to the Shoaiba-4 Seawater Desalination Project - 

This first of four shipments by Doosan Vina’s Water Division for the Shoaiba- 4 Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination project departed from Doosan Vina’s port on July 19th, 2018 and and depending on weather conditions is expected to reach its destination in about three weeks. Shoaiba-4 is a development of The Saline Water Conversion Corporation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is located 50 miles south of Jeddah City on the Red Sea. 

The shipment weighed 566 tons and included 12 “Made in Vietnam” desalination pressure units, the piping and fittings as well as tanks to re-mineralize the desalinated water. Each SWRO desalination unit was 6.4m high, 6.4m wide and 8,3m long and the seven re-mineralization tanks were 5.6m tall, 5.6m wide and 1060m long. The project will be divided into four shipments this year nd the next three shipments are scheduled for: August 30th, September 30th and the final one is scheduled for December 30th.

The Shoaiba desalination project will meet the potable water requirements of Saudi Arabia's second largest city, Jeddah and its five million people. Using a process known as reverse osmosis, the Shoaiba- 4 desalination plant will force seawater under great pressure through membranes that allows water to pass but to pass but filters out salt and other impurities. Once operation the Shoaiba- 4 plant will produce 400,000 m³ of fresh water per day. That is 146 billion liters per year which is equivalent to 58,400 Olympic swimming pools. In the total the four phases of the Shoaiba desalination facility will have a combined annual production of over 400 trillion liters per year.

The $430 million contract for the Shoaiba-4 SWRO project was signed by the Sailine Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) of Saudi Arabia and Doosan in 2017. The toatal that will be produced in Vietnam by Doosan Vina is 1,727 tons of desalination equipment. Because of the large scope of the project and desire to expedite production the work will be shared between Doosan Vina and other Doosan subsidiaries.

Shoaiba-4 is the first of many major SWRO desalination projects planned to be buld in Saudi Arabia following the reorganization of the Kingdom’s water sector in 2016.

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation is a Saudi Government enterprise responsible for the desalination of seawater, producing electric power and supplying various regions in the Kingdom with desalinated water.

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