Doosan Vina first ASME nuclear certified company in South-East Asia

Doosan Vina first ASME nuclear certified company in South-East Asia - 

March 04, 2014, Doosan Industrial Complex, Dung Quat Economic Zone, Binh Thuan Commune, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai, Vietnam: Doosan Vina (Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam Co., Ltd located in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam) released a statement that they have received and are the first company in South-East Asia to obtain and be officially certified by ASME as a supplier of nuclear products.

Inspectors of ASME are final testing products before certifying Doosan as a supplier of nuclear products

ASME is a Non-Profit Organization which establishes the standards and technical specifications for thermal and nuclear power plants. ASME certifies that the quality assurance (QA) program and the implementation of the program by the surveyed company meet all ASME requirements for products that will be used in the thermal or nuclear power industry.

The certification process took more than a year to complete and culminated last December with a visit to Vietnam by a team of seven ASME nuclear specialists from the USA, Korea and Japan. They came to Doosan Vina’s 110 hectare industrial complex in the Dung Quat Economic Zone of Quang Ngai Province to survey the results of the ASME team’s year long review of operations. Doosan Vina is the first company in South-East Asia to successfully complete the ASME nuclear product fabrication certification process.

Doosan Vina was awarded six new ASME Nuclear certificates, (NPT, NA, NS, Site NPT, Site NA, Site NS) after the 2013 nuclear survey. The company also received four ASME non-nuclear certificates, (U, U2, PP, S) which were initially awarded by ASME in 2008.

Doosan Vina’s CEO, Mr. Ryu Hang Ha said “This international certification by ASME is testimony to the skill of our employees and Vietnam as a country that is quickly emerging as a global powerhouse, this certification is very significant; it means that Vietnamese technicians now have the skill and expertise necessary to manufacture and supply the equipment required in Vietnam’s soon to be launched nuclear power industry.”

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