Doosan Vina exports 12 modules to the Ruwais Refinery

Doosan Vina exports 12 modules to the Ruwais Refinery - 

Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam has just exported 12 modules forming the waste heat recovery equipment to the Ruwais Refinery. These modules will be combined to become a waste heat recovery equipment that helps the Ruwais Refinery in Abu Dhabi save fuels and improve its operational efficiency.  

Samsung Engineering’s leaders at the shipment ceremony on Sep 9th 2019

The 12 modules are of the Waste Heat Recovery Project (WHRP) signed by Doosan Vina with the Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd (SECL) on October 26, 2018 and as a part of a 10-year cooperation framework agreement inked by both sides on June 29, 2018.

These giant modules were intensively fabricated and assembled by the MHS and Water shops of Doosan Vina with the collaboration of other 10 subcontractors in more than 6 months.

“Doosan Vina manufactures this type of products for the first time so we initially faced many difficulties. The first is about the short delivery schedule, the second is our lacking of experience in production and the third is the strict requirements of customer”, said Young Sang Yoon, Erection Department Leader of the MHS shop.

Yoon went on to say, “However, with our careful preparation, tightly tracking at every stage plus with the absolute efforts of the skilled workers and close supervision as well as support from SECL, we completed the project on schedule and meet the required quality.”

The twelve 1,746-ton modules bound for the Ruwais Refinery, Abu Dhabi

Among the 12 modules exported on September 9th, the biggest module is 32.75m long, over 12m wide and 27.7m high while the smallest module is 31m long, 6.5m wide and 11.7m high.

To ensure safety and features of equipment, transportation for vessel boarding and reinforcement on deck of these 1,746-ton modules were carefully calculated by Doosan Vina’s experts and were submitted to SECL for approval before execution. Because of their heavy weight and huge size, the experts had to use the Self-propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) to support 20 employees to do the work in 5 days.

The successful completion of the first order for Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd is a pride of Doosan Vina in general and the MHS and Water shops’ employees in particular. It proves for the technical qualification of Vietnamese workers and also creates a premise of prestige for international partners in field of manufacturing modules for petrochemical refineries.

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