Doosan Vina appoints New CEO

Doosan Vina appoints New CEO - 

Doosan recently appointed Mr. Jeong Young Chil to be the new Chief Executive Officer and General Director (CEO & GD) of its Vietnamese’s base - Doosan Vina - since January 14th 2019.  

Mr. Jeong Young Chil, newly appointed as Doosan Vina's CEO & GD

Before assuming his new CEO & GD position at Doosan Vina, Mr. Jeong Young Chil has worked for nearly 26 years at Doosan Group. He used to take responsibility for manufacturing techniques (9 years), strategic management (2 years) and Sales & Marketing (15 years).

“Coming back to Vietnam is a special gift to me. I had lived and worked in Hanoi for five years between 2011 and 2016 as the Director of Sales & Marketing for Southeast Asia. This period gave me chances to experience and understand the Vietnamese culture, customs and people, as well as that of several regional countries. I take this as the useful foundation to operate Doosan Vina in the future.” said Mr. Jeong Young Chil.

Over 11 years of the establishment and development, Doosan Vina’s mechanical and heavy industrial products are now working at 32 countries around the world and especially conquering the most strictly markets such as Japan, France, Italy, America, etc.

CEO & GD Jeong Young Chil delivers New Year speech in front of his 200 managers

After the inauguration, the new CEO had a meeting with his under managers and shared Doosan Vina’s goals and development orientation. He set out three important keys that should be focused on in 2019.

First is to ensure safety for all employees. Second is to always satisfy the customer’s requirements and Third is to build a "One Team Doosan Vina" working environment routing on open communication. These are the 3 key points that will help Doosan Vina to be stable, reputable, competitive and become a leading mechanical enterprises.

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