Doosan announces the kickoff of the Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant project in Vietnam

Doosan announces the kickoff of the Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant project in Vietnam - 

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction (DHIC) today announced that it had received the initial payment for the $2.79 billion 1,330 MW Nghi Son 2 (NS-2) Power Plant which formally signals commencement of the project that was awarded in late 2014.

Architecture drawing of the Nghi Son 2 Power Plant

NS-2 will be built in Vietnam’s Thanh Hoa Province about 200 km southeast of Hanoi and will produce the power needed to continue fueling Vietnam’s remarkable economic growth and development. For perspective NS-2 will generate enough electricity to power an additional 6.8 million four person households in Vietnam and will improve living standards and economic opportunity across the country.

The construction of NS-2 Thermal Power Plant is scheduled for completion in July 2022 and will feature two separate high tech 665 MW supercritical boilers, high efficiency turbines and generating units. The two units will be constructed side by side, but be independent to allow for greater flexibility and efficiency.

To commence construction a payment of $170 million was received by Doosan on June 24 from NS2PC, a Vietnamese company which will be the owner operators and is a joint venture formed between Marubeni of Japan and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) of Korea.

Since 2012, DHIC has won over $6 billion in orders in Vietnam that include the contracts for the Mong Duong-2, Song Hau-1, and Vinh Tan-4 power plants. These orders are based on the partnerships and trust that has been established over the years by its local subsidiary that employs thousands of Vietnamese who are now playing an important part in developing Vietnam’s mechanical sector and the nation.

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