4,500 ton Desalination Evaporator Shipped to Saudi Arabia

4,500 ton Desalination Evaporator Shipped to Saudi Arabia - 

Doosan Vina’s Water Shop announced today that they’d tightened down the final bolts on a 4,500 ton plug-n-play multistage flash desalination evaporator and shipped it to Saudi Arabia. 

Ryu Hang Ha, Doosan Vina’s Senior Vice President led a brief ceremony to honor the 233 men and women of Doosan Vina’s Water Shop and celebrate the completion of the first of four desalination plants being built by the company for the Yanbu Phase 3, Saudi Arabia desalination project. After the ceremony a crowd gathered to watch as the evaporator they’d worked to design, engineering and fabricate for a year was loaded aboard a special large-load, heavy-lift self-propelled barge for shipment to Saudi Arabia.

The Yanbu Phase 3 contract was signed in March 2013 for four of the massive desalination units to be made in Vietnam at Doosan’s Quang Ngai complex. Each of the units is: the size of a football pitch, five stories high and capable of producing 95 million liters of fresh water per day.

The unit shipped today when combined with its three sister units that will follow in the coming months will produce enough water to meet the daily needs of more than a million people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Because of it mammoth size and weight, movement of the desalination plant to Doosan Vina’s dedicated and purpose built port facility had to be calculated down to the centimeter. The intense planning and precision assure that personnel will be safe and the integrity of the equipment won’t be compromised.

The transfer, loading and lockdown on the gigantic Dong Bang 3 took more than four hours to complete. After leaving the Doosan Vina’s port the evaporator will be at sea for 25 days to reach its final destination in Saudi Arabia.

This is the fifth desalination plant that Water shop has completed since starting production in 2009. Three other evaporators in the Yanbu 3 project are currently being assembled and the second is expected to ship on June 21st, 2014.

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