Will be a Solar PV Project on Reservoir of Thac Ba Hydropower Plant

Will be a Solar PV Project on Reservoir of Thac Ba Hydropower Plant - Yen Bai provincial people’s committee (PPC) and relevant departments, and SOLKISS Company Ltd (Korea) have had a working meeting on preparing a  Solar PV Project on Reservoir of Thac Ba Hydropower Plant.


At the meeting, Yen Bai PPC committed that beside the general national policies, the province will provide SOLKISS with the loacal incentive mechanisms for project development, it also asked SOKISS to have particular attention to the appraisal of the project and electricity prices, and carefully to survey natural condition, light intensity, depth and water level change of Thac Ba reservior.

Regarding technical connection with national power system and transportation infrastructure, Yen Bai province will coordinate with Electricity of Vietnam and concerning agencies to resolve.

Especially, Yen Bai province asked SOLKISS to clarify the issues related to the ability for project consultancy,  construction, management and financial capacity of the investor; technology, average generation, environmental impact and combining landscape with tourism of the project, and  creating jobs and contributing revenues for the local budget.

Yen Bai province will establish a working group to support and guide SOLKISS about investment preparing  procedures, studying specific support mechanism proposals for the project. In particular Yen Bai will support investor in electricity prices calculating method and appraisal in Vietnam.

Previously, on January 6, 2017 Yen Bai PPC held an Investment Promotion Conference in Seoul, Korea with a topic “Yen Bai: Development Potential and Investment Opportunity”. At the conference Yen Bai PPC and SOLKISS signed MOU on investing a renewable energy project in Yen Bai province.

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