Rosneft Vietnam finances students to make scientific research

Rosneft Vietnam finances students to make scientific research - 

On Aug 14, in Hanoi,  Rosneft Vietnam Oil and Gas Company and University of Mine - Geology signed an agreement on finance of Rosneft Vietnam for a program of students making scientific research and a competition of designing robots for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, with a value  of $ 35,000.

According an agreement, Rosneft Vietnam will fund $ 35,000 for students in making scientific research and participating in competition of designing robots for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources.

The project is implemented to help students of the University of Mine - Geology for participating in training course of the skill on scientific research and robot design competition.

Speaking at the Signing Ceremony of financing agreement, Mr. Hugh McIntosh, the President holding the General Director of Rosneft Vietnam Company said: "Rosneft Vietnam finances this project with a desire to create opportunities for students to learn and practice researching methods, bring into play the creativity, skills of team working, report writing and presenting, that are extremely important skills, helping them successfully not only during studying at the university but also growing up in their careers in the future"

The project will contribute to the development of education and training of mine and geology sector, specifically the development of human sources for the petroleum industry in Vietnam" Mr. Hugh McIntosh said.

Previously, Rosneft Vietnam already successfully implemented a similar financing project for students of the University of Mine - Geology in 2012 – 2013 school year. Among 10 scientific research themes financed by the project, there were 3 ones selected for a contest "Vietnam Young Scientific Talent" organized by the Ministry of Education and Training for students of nationwide universities and institutes; and of which 2 themes won the third prize.

The financing project for students to make scientific research is one of the five major social investment projects carried out by Rosneft Vietnam in 2014, with a total budget of $ 205.000, focusing on health care, education and training fields.

Rosneft Vietnam is a company under the Rosneft Corporation – heading the Russian petroleum industry and the biggest in the world oil and gas company by the petroleum reserve and production. Rosneft is one of the strategy enterprises of the Russian Federation with a 69.5% of the company shares held by the government.

Untill Dec. 2013, the oil and gas exploitation production of Rosnef reached 4.9 million barrels per day and total proven reserves of over 33 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

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