Hot Meals for Needy Hospital Patients

Hot Meals for Needy Hospital Patients - 

December 7th, 2013, Dung Quat, Quang Ngai, Vietnam: Sixteen times since May of this year employees and members of Vietcombank, Doosan Vina, Quang Ngai Television and Vietnam’s Women’s Union of Quang Ngai have mobilized to serve a total of 3,800 meals at Quang Ngai hospitals.

The volunteers from the four organizations met before dawn twice per month under a 28 million VND program called “Love Porridge.” The purpose of the project was to provide nutritious hot meals to needy patients recovering at local hospitals.

“The program was organized to help patients who are undergoing treatment and have limited resources or family to provide meals while in the hospital. A hot wholesome breakfast can help the healing process by providing the nutrients needed to fight disease and it also lets them know they are not alone and that someone cares and shares in their plight,” said Ha Van Hung, Chairman of Trade Union at Doosan Vina. Hung went on and shared a comment that one of the patients made during one of the services. This elderly man, who was stooped over and very thin told me, "I was very touched and grateful when the volunteers served the hot porridge, the breakfast was delicious, but the bowl had more than a simple meal; it was filled to the top with love and care and encouraged me to be strong and fight this disease."

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