Fourth Annual Festival held by Doosan Vina

Fourth Annual Festival held by Doosan Vina - 

April 5th, 2014, Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai, Vietnam: Doosan Vina's "One Mind Festival" or OMF is a companywide team building event that involves all 2,400 employees. It is an opportunity for employees to have fun, grow as a dynamic and unified force in Heavy Industry as well as having a chance to meet a few celebrities.

The OMF is one of many programs at Doosan Vina designed to give employees a healthy balance between work and family life. It is also a time for comradelier and an opportunity for the company to say “thanks” for the hard work last year.

The more than two billion Dong festival also creates a level of synergy that cannot be achieved while working so the team building is an important part of the event and provides a platform to promote strong bonds that will help employees grow personally and professionally.

The theme for the 4th annual festival was "Let's go! Doosan Way!” This was to focus employee attention on the importance of the global Doosan Way program that was launched last year to all of Doosan’s 37,000 employees worldwide.

The April 5th festival took place at the company's 110 hectare Quang Ngai complex with all 2,700 employees and more than 300 guests from government agencies, clients, partners, the local community and the families of employees joining in.

At 7:30 AM the company’s sport field came alive with a scale of pageantry one would see at the opening of the Olympics. The festival began with a series of games and sporting competitions that lasted through the morning and afternoon. When the sun set the focus shifted to a stage that was brought in special for the festival that was complete with concert grade lighting, sound systems and special effects.

Highlights of the festival’s sport section included a Vietnamese-Korean football match, wrestling, the “run the gauntlet” competition, volleyball and the championship round where the winner claimed the Doosan Vina Football Cup...

The grand finale of the festival was the talent show where a dozen groups performed a variety of acts vying for the title of “Doosan Vina Star Performers.”

Throughout the day employees had a chance to win spectacular prizes in twenty lucky draws. The prizes included LG TV’s, Sanyo refrigerators and the grand prize of the event was a Honda Wave Alpha drawn at the conclusion of the festivities.

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