Vietnam-China discussion on the electricity exchange

Vietnam-China discussion on the electricity exchange - 

On November 7, 2018 in Hanoi was held a working meeting between Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Chairman of the Member Council, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and Mr. Duong Hong Kien - President of China International South Power Grid Company (CSGI) on the technical solution for the electricity exchange between CSGI and EVN by 500 kV grid to stably supply electricity for the Northern border region of Vietnam.

EVN Chairman Mr. Duong Quang Thanh recieving the President of CSFI Mr. Duong Hong Kien

Mr. Duong Hong Kien said, at present CSGI is investing in Vinh Tan 1 BOT Thermal Power Plant (TPP) with a capacity of 1,240 MW, construction of it was started in July 2015.

The unit 1 of the plant is in commercial operation now and the unit 2 expects to be put into commercial operation at the end of this year.

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh congratulated CSGI on early bringing the Vinh Tan 1 BOT TPP into operation that contributed to strengthening the electricity supply for Vietnam national power system. Mr. Thanh also affirmed to support CSGI to invest in power generation projects in Vietnam in the spirit of cooperation for sustainable development to meet the energy demand of Vietnam.

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