The Nhon Trach 3&4 Projects have been added to the National Power Development Planning

The Nhon Trach 3&4 Projects have been added to the National Power Development Planning - 

After considering the proposal of MOIT and opinions of the relevant ministries, Prime Minister has agreed to add Nhon Trach 3&4 projects to the National Power Development Planning VII (Adjustment).

The Nhon Trach 3&4 projects are gas fired power plants capacity of 750-800MW each using liquid natural gas (LNG) expected to be in operation by 2020 -2021.

Prime Minister assigned PVN as the investor to deploy these projects. Prime Minister asks MOIT to guide PVN to implement the projects in accordance with current regulations on construction investment, quality management and environmental protection, pay attentions to comments of the relevant ministries and agencies in process of establishing investment project and also direct PVN to deploy investment in Thi Vai terminal system for receiving and storing LNG with a capability and schedule suitable and synchronized with Nhon Trạch 3&4 projects.

Prime Minister also asks MOIT to additionally approve the connections of these projects with the national power system, strengthen to direct, recurrently inspect, supervise and speed up investors and relevant units to hasten steps implementing power plant projects in southern region for putting them into operation on time schedules expected in approved National Power Development Planning VII (Adjustment), and report Prime Minister for handling the projects behind schedule greatly impacting power supply.

Prime Minister requires PVN to hasten preparing and implementing steps for these added projects and be responsible to put them into operation in planed time to contribute ensuring power supply for southern region in coming period, and as well as to propose the mechanisms for timely putting these added projects into operation, for competence levels to decide.

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