The government conclusions on implementing the Adjustment Power Planning VII

The government conclusions on implementing the Adjustment Power Planning VII - 

At August 2, 2016 The Government Office informed conclusions of Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Trinh Dinh Dung at the meeting to consider petitions of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on implementing the Adjustment Power Planning VII.

The conclusions of DPM are as follow:

According to the Adjustment Power Planning VII having been approved by Prime Minister, in order to implement the socio-economic development goals of the country with GDP growth rate of about 7.0% per year in 2016 -2030 period, the power sector has a very heavy responsibility as to invest about 90,000 MW of new power generation sources for providing 506 – 559 TWh of sale electricity by 2030, as well as continue develop power transmission and distribution grids and raise power supply reliability.

Government to continue the policy to call for the resources including the state groups (EVN, PVN, Vinacomin), private and foreign investors (mainly for BOT projects) to participate in power generation.

EVN continues to be a State Group to keep a main role in ensuring stable and safe electricity supply for socio-economic development of the country.

DPM assigns: Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to strengthen activities to supervise electricity supply & demand, progress of implementing power generation and grid projects approved in the Adjustment Power Planning VII in order to carry out or report on the Prime Minister for permission to carry out measures to guarantee electricity supply for socio-economic development, calculate reasonable generation structure, raise power supply reliability and power system economic efficiency.

Ministry of Planning and Investment to build policies and mechanisms to attract investments and reasonably use ODA funds to facilitate synchronous, balanced, reasonable and sustainable development for power sector.

EVN has to concentrate all the strengths to guarantee sufficient electricity supply with an increasing quality and reliability for socio-economic development of the country and livelihood of the people, and follow close behind the socio-economic development situation to forecast suitable electricity demand for the whole country, as well as regularly update the factors on electricity generation to make options for national power system operation by active and suitable way with ensuring that the power system has enough reserve capacity and supplies electricity safely and effectively.

Regarding the petition on prices of domestic coal for power generation executed by market mechanism, it is permitted EVN to offer the prices to purchase domestic coal with a fair competition and reference to import coal prices for setting power generation domestic coal prices to be not higher than the prices of coal imported from the countries in the world market. Regarding the petition for permitting power generation investors including EVN to actively import coal for their projects, DPM assigns MOIT to be presided over in coordination with relevant agencies to study and report to Prime Minister to decide.

Regarding the petition on speeding up the investors to guarantee progress of power generation projects, especially the thermal power plants in southern region, and the petition on early issuing a mechanism to control the progress of power generation projects including BOT ones, DPM assigns MOIT to strengthen supervising activities and promptly issue mechanism to deal with the projects of slow progress by a precept to resolutely withdraw the project to hand it for the other investor in case the investor does not execute the commitment, prolong progress seriously affecting overall development.

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