The first Hydropower Project funded by World Bank has started power generation

The first Hydropower Project funded by World Bank has started power generation - 

At 5.47 am Feb. 15, 2017, the Unit No1 of Trung Son Hydropower Plant (HPP has officially synchronized with National Power System. This is the first hydropower project in Vietnam invested by World Bank (WB) funds.  

Trung Son HPP was started for construction at the end of November, 2012 on the upper reaches of Ma river in Trung Son commune, Quan Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province.

This hydropower plant is multipurpose project as electricity generation, flood control in rainy season and water supply in dry season for Thanh Hoa province.

Trung Son HPP includes 4 units by 65MW each (260 MW) with an average generation of 1,018.61 GWh/year. With a regular flood preventive volume of 112 million cubic meters the project will effectively participate in flood control on the lowlands.

The investor of the project is Trung Son HP Single Member Company Ltd under Electricity of Vietnam (EVN). The total investment of the project estimated over VND 7,775.146 Billion equivalent to US$ 410.68 million, among which US$ 330 million is WB funds and US$ 80.68 million – EVN counterpart funds.

Trung Son HPP is one of the very few remaining relatively large capacity hydropower projects exploitation in Vietnam. The project was being prepared during 9 years with with 4 studied site options. The Trung Son site has been selected with the careful consideration to maximally limit environmental and social impacts, and comply the WB requirements and policy on safety.

In this project, 8/10 international standards for hydropower projects were applied by WB requirement.

This is the first HPP so far to be designed more some items for strengthening safety level as: breakdown spillway (a fuse dam) to protect dam and plant in probable maximum floods (PMF), sand discharge gate for dam protection in case of the large sand sediment..The finance for these additional items is about 300 billion dong.

This is also a project with the lowest environmental and social impacts in relevant construction, operation activities. Especially, the lives of the people affected by the project will be significantly improved when the project is completed.

It is necessary to say that Trung Son HPP is a socially sustainable and environmentally amicable energy project. With a generation of 01billion kWh/year, Trung Son HPP will contribute to the anti-climate change program by reducing about 1 million ton of CO2 in comparision with a coal fired thermal power plant of the same generation.

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