Starting the construction of Power grid project to Van Don District

Starting the construction of Power grid project to Van Don District - 

On April 19, 2014 at Quan Lan Commune, (Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province), Quang Ninh provincal people committee(PPC), Electricity of  Vietnam (EVN) and Northern Power Corporation (EVN NPC) held the starting construction ceremony of Power grid project for powering Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Ban Sen, Ngoc Vung, Thang Loi Island Communes (Van Don District) by National Electricity Network.

A picture of the starting construction ceremony

The power grid project to Van Don District. has a total investment of over VND 300billion mobilized from Quang Ninh province, EVN and EVN NPC. Quang Ninh Power Company (PC) has been commited as invester of the project.

According the Chairman holding Director General of EVN NPC Mr. Nguyen Phuc Vinh and Standing Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh PPC, the power grid project to island communes, Van Don district is very important for socio-economic development, national defence and security ensuring of with the determination of providing the these communes, particularly and Van Don district, generally. Therefore, EVN NPC will steer Quang Ninh Power Company to try the best to overcome all chalenges and difficulties in process of the construction on the sea, where the weather is very complecated. On oneself side, Quang Ninh PPC confirmed, the addministries of all levels and people of Quang Ninh province, will facilitate comfortable conditions for Quang Ninh PC to complete the project in time so that the national network sould come to island communes before the Lunar New Year- Vietnamese Tet 2015.

Some of information of the Project

Total investment of the project is VND 311.31 billions, among which:

- Investment of VND112 bilions from EVN NPC is for building 21km of 22kV line, 09 substations of 22/0.4kV ; 22km of 0.4kV line and installation of 1256 new electric meters, in Quan Lan and Minh Chau communes

- Investment of VND 99.45 bilions from EVN is for building 21km of 22kV line, 05 substations of 22/0.4kV ; 20km of 0.4kV line and 437 electric meters, in Thang Loi and Ngoc Vung communes.

- Investment of VND 99.86 bilions from Quang Ninh PPC is for building 39km of 22kV line, 06 substations of 22/0.4kV; 12km of 0.4kV line and 290 electric meters, in Thang Loi and Ban Sen commune.

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