Speed -up of smart power grid development

Speed -up of smart power grid development - 

The Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai directed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to speed the plan of the smart power grid development, enhance the power system operation efficiency, and stimulate the saving and efficiency energy use.

Model of the smart power grid

At the meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnam Electricity (EVN) on December 24, the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai considered building the IT and telecommunication infrastructure and strengthening the supervisory and automatic controlling systems as an indispensable requirement for raising the quality of electricity supply and promoting the programs of demand side management and saving and efficiency energy use.

EVN has established an overall project on smart power grid development, including SCADA, electronic meter systems and data accumulation system from the communes; and organizing model of the centers for controlling power grid distant switching equipment.

EVN has also established a set of criteria for assessing developing level of the power sector and, at the same time, fully made a SCADA system to all of the power plants with an over 30MW capacity, and transformer substations in power system at voltage from 110kV up, that created the condition for reducing electricity loss time up to 30% in comparison with the rate in 2013.

Besides, the Steering Committee on smart power grid also directed the implementation of a number of projects as producing electronic meters, strengthening power system reliability, optimally operating transmission and distribution power grids…

However, according to EVN opinion, for the programs of smart power grid development to be carried out in accordance with the approved plan, it is necessary to build a labor productivity criteria group, a project of overall development, perfect SCADA system and financial mechanism for these programs.

According to Mr. Hoang Trung Hai, coming time, all the units of the power field in the country have to closely and coordinate in tense to synchronously carry out the tasks following the roadmap in a broad aspect, of which a number of the important tasks as fulfilling the overall project and the set of the criteria for power sector assessment, the projects of electronic meter development and distant measuring data accumulative system; supervising and speeding up periodical and regular SCADA signal quality; enhancing the rate of power plants and transformer substations having enough SCADA signals... must be concentrated.

The Deputy Prime Minister gave his opinion on electricity supply reliability in 2015 and a number of relative regulations and rules. For every task, it is required to make a plan in detail and regularly monitor and assess the situations in order to put forward in time the suitable solution or mechanism.

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