Releasing the obstacles for the power projects

Releasing the obstacles for the power projects - Speaking in conclusion at the meeting of the State Steering Committee for Nationl Power Development Planning, the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Hoang Trung Hai has agreed with a number of suggestions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Groups to accelerate the progress and release the obstacles for the Power Plant and Power Grid Projects.

At the meeting, the DPM has agreed to assign the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to change the investor of Vinh Tan 3 (VTEC) BOT Project; carry out the dredge of Coal port of the Vinh Tan Power Centre so that the heavy weighting ships of coal supply for Vinh Tan 4 Project can enter the since middle of 2017.

DPM also principally agreed to the supplement the project of Ialy hydropower plant extension with a 360MW capacity to Power Dvelopment Planning VII, put into operation in 2019-2020; agreed to allow EVN and PV to exchange increasing and decreasing the 500 kV distribution yard investment capital at Vung Ang Power Centre. The recovery of the investment capital of the distribution yard will be negotiated, agreed by the Groups in the power purchase contract of Vung Ang 1 Power Plant. This time, PV to get a temporary payment up to 85% value of the volume of the construction, installation, domestic mechanical processing works completed and commissioned according to the norms and unit prices of the total estimate and the total adjusting investment level appraised and commissioned by the Group’ Member Council with the condition of the total payment value to be not over the approved EPC value.

According to the assessment, Power Development Planning VII has very important meaning in ensuring power sufficient supply for socio-economic development of the country in 2011-2020 period and orientation to 2030

However, some of the power plants and power grid projects are slowly developed, such as: Song Hau 1, Long Phu 1, Thai Binh 2, Vinh Tan 4 extention, the BOT projects and the power transmission projects, ... It is necessary to take the measures for promoting progress of implementating these projects to meet the electricity demand in coming years.

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