Regional Electricity expand cooperations

Regional Electricity expand cooperations - 

According to Electricity of Vietnam, at the First Summit Meeting of Power Sector of China, Vietnam, Lao and Thailand held in Guangzhou, the Leaders of China Southern Power Grid Company (CSG), Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), Electricity du Laos (EDL) and Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT) signed a MoU on Communication Mechanism among them.

Representatives for Electricity Sectors in 4 countries China-Vietnam-Thailand-Laos signed Memorandum at the Summit.

The first Summit Meeting was initiated and held by CSG with an aim to expand the cooperations between energy companies in the region, exchange and share experiences not only in management and operation of power system, but also in other fields such as: natural resources exploitation, national energy security policies, overcoming the consequence of climate change, shifting the structure of energy industry...

In the principle of equity and mutual benefits, promoting the socio-economic and development and the prosperity of 4 countrines, on the basis of bilateral and multilateral cooperations in Electric Industry, CSG, EDL, EGAT and EVN agreed on provisions in the MoU with contents: performing high-ranking visits and missions, establishing high-ranking communication mechanism among the sides; exchanging and cooperating on electricity, holding rotating annual summit meeting in order to introduce the power development of the countries, exchange information and discuss the hot subjects, solutions for improving the cooperative situation as well as strengthen cooperative ability. The MoU takes effect within 5 years and should be extended with consents of the sides.

President of Member Council of EVN Hoang Quoc Vuong said: In the context of the gradual exhaustion of primary energy resources as well as the intensive impact of climate change..., the regional and global energy companies are facing up to challenges for sustainable development in the future. Therefore, the close, wide and deep cooperation between the energy companies in the region is useful not only for the nations but also for the whole world.

At present and in future, there are more and more issues needed to be discussed regularly and publicly between the energy companies in the regions and other countries. EVN highly appreciates and welcomes the initiative in opening a forum of energy companies in South East Asia and South of China, of which this Summet is the first important milestone. This forum will contribute proactively to the friendly relations and solidarity among countries in the region and to the promising prospect of the participant countries.

The representives agreed that Summit 2015 would be held by EDL in Laos. Some of countries in the region as Cambodia, Myanmar...may be invited to participate in The content will include the workshop sissions on cooperation, topics and programmes on the sidelines of the Summit./.

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