Receiving 22kV submarine cable for Cham Island power supply

Receiving 22kV submarine cable for Cham Island power supply - 

According to information from Central Power Corporation (EVN CPC), the 22kV submarine cable for the project of power supplying Cham Island (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) from the National electricity network, manufactured in Norway has been completed and shipped to Da Nang city.

Submarine cable is passing to the barge. (EVN CPC Photo)

EVN CPC informed, on March 6, a cargo ship with power cable on board has docked in Tien Sa port (Da Nang city) and in the same day afternoon, cable began to be passed to the construction barges.

If the policy on power supply for Cham Island by submarine cable was agreed by government in May, 2014, then the investment project was already approved by Ministry of Industry and Trade just in December, 2014.

The project includes 15.48 km of 22kV submarine cable and 17.214 km of 22kV overhead line, 6 transformer substations of 22/0.4 kV with a total capacity of 900 KVA, 11km of 0.4 kV line and auxiliary items... The project total investment is VND 484.815 billion, of which, 85% from the central budget and 15% from EVN CPC.

Cham Island power supply project is expected in operation on the second quarter, 2016 to supply qualitative and safe electricity for production and living of island’s people, and contribute to economic development of the area and consolidating island sovereignty of the motherland.

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