Promoting efficient energy contribute to protect the environment

Promoting efficient energy contribute to protect the environment - 

How to promote efficient energy and at the same time contribute to protecting the environment to target a green and sustainable economy were major issues raised in a seminar on customers using key energies recently held by the Electricity of Vietnam Northern Power Corporation (EVN NPC).

According to reports at the seminar, in 2013 EVN NPC’s Pmax capacity was 6,179 MW. The demand for electricity in 2014 increases sharply due to the recovery of industrial production facilities in many localities after a long slowdown period. In addition, due to the hot weather in summer months, additional charges of electricity for daily life also increase. Thus, the capacity this year is expected to reach about 7,013MW 2014, a year on year increase of 13.5 percent.

In 2013, an additional 1.420 MW was provided to the power system in northern region from regional hydropower and thermal-power plants. Therefore, the electrical system in the northern region in 2014 will fundamentally ensure enough supplies for the demand of additional charges and the people’s daily lives.

In reality, the demand for energy on average doubles every year, but the growth rate of the domestic energy sector can only meet 60 percent of the demand. Meanwhile, the Vietnam’s sources of energy are becoming scarce and exhausted, plus inefficient use of energy in industrial production, civil construction and transportation, resulting in huge waste for the economy.

In addition, the efficiency of using energies remained low compared with developed countries, resulting in lower competitiveness of the economy. Therefore, the issue of efficient energy has always been a problem for each business, power industry and the country as well.

There were opinions saying that after drafting energy solutions, including energy saving and environmental protection projects, many enterprises had to fumble for financial resources from state funds but they could not approach due to lack of information or limited credit sources in this field and complicated administrative procedures.

This was also the concern of delegates from more than 300 enterprises as well as of the EVN NPC – the power trading and distribution unit in the areas of 27 northern and north central provinces.

At the conference, many issues such as the legal framework, the efficient energy models; energy audits and drafting practical energy saving solutions and bank's support credit solutions were discussed and made clear by managers and representatives from many banks to help businesses have an overview of the actual use of power and figure out the most appropriate solutions which then help reduce costs, increase credibility and enhance the their competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

The benefits of saving energy in businesses are not just the issue of reducing costs and improving efficiency of production and business activities but also a way to develop “green” trademarks for themselves in a bid to create good impression on consumers and investors.

Source: VEN

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