Phu Quy Island has been Powered consecutively in 24 hours per day

Phu Quy Island has been Powered consecutively in 24 hours per day - 

According to the Southern Power Corporation (EVN SPC), Phu Quy island has been powered by 24/24 hours since July 1st.

Recently, Binh Thuan Power Company (under EVN SPC) has completed additional installation of 02 Diesel units by 2x1 MW, increasing the total generating capacity in Phu Quy island up to 5MW.

Besides, Binh Thuan Power Company (PC) has installed 2 oil tanks with a 400 cubic meters volume an oil pipeline with a 600 meters length from Phu Quy port to the diesel power station that guarantees fuel reserve for power generation. Binh Thuan PC also has completed the distribution network improvement and development with a 42 km length power line, a 900KVA transformer stations total capacity for medium voltage and 5 km power line length for low voltage. The total investment is estimated about 10 billion dongs.

Binh Thuan Power Company has completed installation of 02 Diesel Units of 2x1MW (increasing the total capacity up to 5MW).

According to EVN SPC, from 2011 up to now, the average electricity tariffs for people, organizations and businesses on Phu Quy island are higher from 1.9 to 4.96 times in comparison with ones on mainland. Concretely, the electricity tariffs (VND/kWh) for household include: 2049.3 at 50kWh (for poor and low-income households), 2555.9 at 0-100kWh (for the average households) and 3415.5 at 101kWh up; and for production, business and service is 7311.7. Previously, Phu Quy island was one of the handful of local having the most seafood processing enterprises of Binh Thuan province. But due to the too high electricity price, many enterprises had move productive bases to the mainland.

According to EVN SPC informs electricity production cost price in 2011 on the island was 7,724 VND/ kWh, then EVN SPC had to spend 37.8 billion dongs in compensation for losses. Since 2012 Aug, when the Phu Quy wind power station with a 6 MW capacity (3 wind turbine by 2 MW each) developed by PVN Power Renewable Energy One Member Limited Company had come into operation the electricity production cost price on the island fell down to 6915.34 VND/ kWh, the losses level of EVN SPC reduced to 26.07 billion dongs.

From Jan 6th 2014, when implementing the electricity prices on the island equivalent to that in the mainland and from July 1st , when increasing the power generation duration up to 24 hours per day, the loss of EVN SPC will increase up to 90 billion dongs per year. However, EVN SPC considers this investment as a purely political mission for serving the socio- economic development and ensuring security and defense of the island.

Currently, Phu Quy Power Company is managing over 22 km of medium voltage power lines, over 37.261 km of low-voltage power lines and 5,702 customers. Binh Thuan Power Company now is forming an investment project to add a 2 MW diesel power capacity on the island by 2015.

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