Phu My thermal power company reached a generation of 250 billion kWh

Phu My thermal power company reached a generation of 250 billion kWh - 

At 03:50 am on June 15, 2017, Phu My thermal power company - an independent accounting company of Power Generation Corporation No3 (GENCO 3) has become the first power company in Vietnam to generate 250 billion kWh - a highest output so far in Vietnam to the national power system.

Phu My power plant is the first gas turbine combine cycle (GTCC) project in Vietnam that was started to construction in 90th decade of the last century. The fuel for the power plant is associated gas from Bach Ho (White Tiger) oil field.

In 2005, by a decision of Prime Minister Phu My power plant was transformed into Phu My thermal power single member company Ltd (Phu My thermal power company – Phu My TPC), and in 2012, by a decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Phu My TPC was structured as fundament for the formation of GENCO3. In 2016, by a decision of GENCO3, Phu My TPC was again founded.

Through 20 year – development, from a gas turbine single cycle with two units by 144 MW each in 1997, today Phu My TPC manages and operates a GTCC plant including 13 units with a total capacity of 2540 MW (as a largest power plant in Vietnam that equal to 6.6% of the national system capacity) and a generation of 16 TWh per year (18% of the southern system and 9% of the national system generation).

Annually, on dry season peak days Phu My TPC usually generates 50 – 57 million kWh equal to 20% of the southern system and 10% of national system generation.

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