Modernization of Hanoi rural electric network

Modernization of Hanoi rural electric network - 

Hanoi People’s Committee has published the rural electricity development to 2020. According to the plan, Hanoi rural electric network will be continuously developed by  direction of modernization, losses decrease to meet the need of productions and people life, contribute to building a new countryside…

At the present, there are in Hanoi city 17 districts and a town (Son Tay) with 405 communes and small towns in rural areas. Recent years, thanks to the care about investment in technical infrastructure as electricity, roads, schools and dispensaries…

the life of the peoples in rural and mountainous areas has been clearly improve ncessary to specify that after fulfilling the Rural Electrification Project in 2008-2012 and Rural Electrification Plan in 2013-2015, Hanoi rural electric system has been improved, more modernly upgraded, guaranteed stable and save electricity supply from national grid for socio-economic development, and 100% households with improved quality and losses reduced from 30% to 8-10%.

However, in Hanoi city beside EVN Hanoi Power Corporation (EVN HPC)– a main electricity supplier, in rural areas there are 87 private electricity retail businesses at low voltage distribution network with low quality and high losses. Besides, the project of synchronize between medium-voltage and low voltage networks (a part of Rural Electrification Project No2 - RE2) implemented not in time also affects low-voltage network effective exploitation; transferring low-voltage network from private businesses to EVN HPC or withdrawing loans for repaying to meet with a lot of difficulties; the meters to be commonly mechanical with a not high accurate…are the main reasons leading to situation of low effective exploitation and high losses of rural electricity network in Hanoi.

The Hanoi Rural Electrification Plan 2016-2020 issued by Hanoi People’s Committee this time aims to modernize rural electric network and reduce its losses to below 8%.

Hanoi People’s Committee assigns EVN HPC and other electricity distribution business to make rural network development investment plans for every commune, ward, town; arrange capitals and implement projects with guaranteeing quantity, quality, technique and schedule.

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