Many important power grid projects in Southern Vietnam have been completed

Many important power grid projects in Southern Vietnam have been completed - 

In 2016, Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) has powered 619 power grid projects with a total investment level of about VND 6,548 billion. Among these projects there are many important projects.

The 110 kV An Bien-Lai Son Island line invested by EVNSPC

According to EVNSPC, these 619 power projects consist of 110 projects of 110 kV grid, including 326 km of the lines and 2243 MVA of transformer substations, and 509 projects of distribution grid, including 1766 km of medium voltage lines and 2924 km of low voltage lines, and 348 MVA of transformer substations. Among them, the most important one is the 110 kV line from An Bien in main land to Lai Son island (Kien Giang province) with a length of 24 km and investment capital of VND 467 billion, having been put into operation on November 26, 2016 to supply electricity for about 2000 households in the island.

Additionally, the focusing projects started for construction and investment in 2016 including the rural electricity supply from national power grid for 12 provinces under Program for electricity supplying rural, mountainous areas and islands in accordance with the Decision of the Prime Minister (with an integration of electricity supplying medium and small pumper stations in Mekong River Delta in dry season), and the project for supporting reform policy in power sector, phase 3 funded by WB (US$ 30 million), EVNSPC will speed up progress to complete them in 2017.

Besides, EVNSPC still deployed the projects for upgrading distribution electricity networks in medium and small towns by KfW loans equal to over VND 4000 billion for decreasing electricity losses, promoting stable and uninterrupted power supply ability and minimize overload situation in electricity networks.

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