High voltage power grid system in Vietnam will reach the N-1 criterion by 2020

High voltage power grid system in Vietnam will reach the N-1 criterion by 2020 - 

One of the targets on production, business and investment development plans of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) up to 2020 is to reach the N-1criterion for power grids of high voltages from 110 kV up by 2020.

Accordingly to the resolution of EVN leadership, the production, business and investment plans of EVN in 2016 – 2020 period have to meet it’s integrating and developing goal and guarantee a harmonious combination between investment development in width and depth to create more new ability and improve quality and efficiency of production and business with profit goal of the enterprise, and assigned duty to provide the public services.

EVN continues to promote the restructuring, improve business management ability, apply scientific and technological advances to raise labor productivity and activity efficiency for it to become a strong economic group which plays the leading role in the electricity industry, and contribute to the cause of socio-economic development and national defense security of the country in 2016 -2020 period.

It is necessary for EVN to: i) periodically calculate supply – demand of the whole country and each area to propose measures and mechanisms for ensuring electricity supply ii) operate safely, stably and efficiently the national power system in market condition iii) put the new power plants into operation on schedule and guarantee availability and efficiency of the power plants iv) proactively ensure fuel supply, especially coal supply v) finalize and consolidate the own telecommunication, information and technology systems to meet the requirements for production and business management and operation, and good service to operate the power market vi) concentrate to steer implementing the projects of the power plants and transmission grids specified in Power Development Planning VII (adjusted project) with the guaranteed quality and schedule vii) proactively check the power development planning of the cities and provinces to have suitable corrections with real ability viii) closely link construction investment plans with electricity supply plans, ensure synchronism in developing the projects of power plants and power transmission grids, and projects of transmission grids and distribution grids; and strictly control over costs in all the investment phases.

Some of the key concrete targets of EVN to 2020:

  • Ensuring the average electricity growth rate of 10.3 – 11.3% per year.

  • Decreasing electricity losses rate to below 6.5%.

  • Increasing electricity supply reliability by promoting investment for power grids to achieve the criterion of N-1 for high voltage grids from 110 kV up, and decreasing average electricity supply interruption duration index (SAIDI) to below 400 minutes for a customer a year.

  • Mobilize sufficient capital to meet investment needs in 2016 – 2020 period

  • Finalizing the Rural Electrification Program for mountainous and island areas in 2013 – 2020 period.

  • Increasing the average labor productivity by 8 – 10% and achieving the criterion of 2.5 million kWh of sale electricity per staff.

  • EVN and its enterprise members deal profitably, carry out sufficiently duties for state, ensure to get the norms on appraising efficiency of business performance.

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