Ham Tan 220 kV Transformer Substation has been put into operation

Ham Tan 220 kV Transformer Substation has been put into operation - 

The Southern Power Project Management Board (SPMB) in collaboration with relevant units has held commissioning, powering and putting into operation the transformer No1 (250 MVA) of Ham Tan 220 kV Transformer Substation with a total capacity of 2x250MVA and voltage level of 220/110/.220kV.

Ham Tan 220 kV Transformer Substation with a total capacity of 2x250MVA and voltage level of 220/110/.220kV.

The project with a total investment of VND 310 billion is invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT), managed by SPMB on behalf of EVNNPT and manage-operated by Power Transmission Company No3 (PTC3). The project sited on an area of 4.46 ha in Tan Phuoc commune, La Gi town, Ham Tan district, Binh Thuan province was started for construction on 29/9/2015.

Powering Ham Tan 220 kV Transformer Substation will meet power demand of La Gi town and Ham Tan district areas; reduce the power load for Phan Thiet 220kV transformer substation and 110kV power lines in the area; create the favorable condition for connection with Son My power plant in future and at the same time, improve electricity supply reliability; meet power demand in socio-economic development, national defence security of Binh Thuan province and neighboring areas.

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