Four achievements and five solutions for EVN

Four achievements and five solutions for EVN - 

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has continually strived to overcome difficulties over the past more than 60 years to establish the national power grid and maintain its stable operation.

Four major achievements

According to EVN General Director Pham Le Thanh, over the past more than 60 years of development, EVN has recorded many achievements, with the following four regarded as the most prominent.

Firstly, EVN acquired a poor power grid in 1954 and has since developed it into a modern grid, which ranks third in the Southeast Asia region and 31st in the world. The national power grid now includes more than 6,000km of 500kV transmission lines, 30,000km of 110kV-220kV transmission lines, 430,000km of 0.4kV-35kV transmission lines and hundred thousands of substations.

Secondly, the national power grid has been connected with several other power grids in neighboring countries, which helps promote international partnerships in power development.

Thirdly, the national power grid has reached rural and remote areas and islands, which is part of the government commitment to the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and also part of the implementation of the Party Central Committee’s Decision 7. As of December 2014, 99.59 percent of rural and remote communes and 98.22 percent of rural people have access to power.

Finally, EVN has focused on power professional training and education, and promoted scientific renovation and the application of new materials in power construction.

Five solutions

EVN’s achievements have resulted from a well-deployed package of strategic solutions, according to Pham Le Thanh.

Firstly, EVN has focused on its corporate restructuring activities for more than a decade and has now had 31 equitized affiliates and 20 independent accounting units.

EVN, based on its human potential, has also launched various scientific researches and applied related technological achievements in power generation and transmission to improve economic efficiency while saving costs.

Thirdly, it has focused on the improvement of customer services and highlighted the Customers are Our Existence motto, which has helped increase EVN’s number of customers from 1.9 million from its establishment to more than 20 million in 2013. It also recorded a positive decreased power loss rate from 12.23 percent in 2003 to 8.87 percent in 2013.

Fourthly, EVN has attached importance to professional training and education with a view to meeting the requirements from the regional integration and sustainable development. In the 2010-2013 period, most managers in its second-class units were facilitated to participate in modern business administration training courses. To date, EVN has recorded 94.35 percent of its staff being trained, with about 32.84 percent of which being college graduates.

Finally, EVN has also promoted social responsibility. Since 2003, it has disbursed VND244.5 billion to support its workers in financial difficulties, do charity work and implement government programs such as the Program 30a.

Source: VEN

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