EVNNPT strives to increase transmission electricity output by 11% per year in 2016-2020 period

EVNNPT strives to increase transmission electricity output by   11% per year in 2016-2020 period - 

On Jan 11, 2016, in Hanoi, National Power Transmission Corporation, Electricity of Viet Nam (EVNNPT) held a Conference to summarize implementing 2015 tasks and deploy 2016 plans.

With a high determination to guarantee safe, stable and reliable operation of power transmission system, EVNNPT has set a target to increase the electricity transmission by 10.5-11% per year in 2016-2020 period.

In 2011-2015period EVNNPT has transmitted a total electricity output of 570 billion kWh, equivalent to a growth rate of 11.1% per year. In 2015 the electricity transmission output was about 140 billion kWh accounting 102.4% year plan and increasing 12.6% against 2014 output.

In 2011-2015 period, the total electricity losses of the Corporation has decreased by 0.78%, from 3.13% in 2010 to 2.35% in 2015 (the losses in 2015 as 2.35% accounting by 0.14% lower than 2014 losses). That is an encourage success because of decreasing losses despite considerably increasing the amount of power transmission grids in five years (number of 500-220 kV transformer substations increased by 47%, their capacity – 81% and length of 500-220 kV lines – 57.5%) .

Regarding financial plans, in five years, EVNNPT has implemented a VND 1,685 billion sum for the overhauls, of which the results of implementation in 2014 increased by 53% and in 2015 by 21.4% against the continuous previous year, that makes the favorable conditions for operating the power transmission grids in 2016 and following years; and a VND 74,632 billion for investment (net investment – 56,117 billion) for power transmission grids, that equal to 2.9 times against the investment volume in 2008-2010 period.

In the five years, EVNNPT has put into operation 230 power grid projects (including 47 projects of 500 kV, 166 projects of 220 kV) with a 8,105 km total length of transmission lines and a 28,426 MVA total capacity of the transformers.

The targets of EVNNPT in 2016-2020 period are: i) increasing electricity transmission output by 10.5-11% per year and decreasing electricity losses from 2.35% in 2015 to 1.8% in 2020, ii) synchronous and modern investing power transmission grids, iii) ensuring sufficient capital for production, business and development investment of power transmission system; reasonably using resources; making profitable production and business; preservation, development and accumulation of capital for development investment; vi) renovating and improving the organizations for raising efficiency of production and business of the Corporation; v) strengthening science-technologic research and application in construction - investment and operation-management activities; vi) promoting activities of information, communication and community relation; consolidating and extending cooperation

The results of implementing the tasks "Productivity - Efficiency" and costs optimization of EVNNPT in 2015 are as follows:

- Electric power transmission turnover: VND 14,535 billion, increased 34.7% against 2014 turnover

- Electricity losses: 2.35%, decreased by 0.14% against 2014 losses.

- Labor productivity: 19.521 million kWh per person, increased by 7.81% against 2015 productivity. Average labor productivity in 2011-2015 increased by 8.07% per year as 2.12 times against the national average productivity (3.8%) of the production and

- Profits of electricity production and business: VND 315 billion. And the state capital has been preserved and developed, that showed by the charter capital at December 31, 2015 as VND 22, 650 billion, increased by 3.14 times against 2010 charter capital.

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