EVN restructures the dependent accounting units

EVN restructures the dependent accounting units - 

The Prime Minister has just directed Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to restructure, reorganize and found the dependent accounting units under supervising of the State Capital Management Committee.

Accounting to the direction of the Prime Minister, the dependent accounting units should be restructured, reorganized and founded by decision of EVN Member Council which is responsible for necessity and effectiveness of these units. These activities are supervised by the State Capital Management Committee at the enterprise.

According to EVN Organization and Operation Charter, EVN's dependent-accounting units include: non-business units (training schools, research institutes, centers), subordinate units directly under business operations, subordinate units directly under no business operations and other units established under decisions of competent agencies.

Besides, the PM has agreed to allow EVN to study, establish documents for proposing and managing the investment project to build an office building at Block 13.E5 in Cau Giay new urban area, Hanoi and other projects implemented by EVN in accordance with the current regulations.

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