EVN has officially announced “Supplying Electricity Service level 4”

EVN has officially announced “Supplying Electricity Service level 4” - 

On December 21, 2018, in Hanoi, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) held a ceremony to announce "Supplying  Electricity Services level 4".

Ceremony for Announcing "Supplying Electricity Services level 4". Photo: Nguyen Dac Cuong.

It is an important event in electricity business service activity, actively implementing policy of the government on public service modernization, promoting development of digital economy, and expressing determination of a state-owned economic group towards professional, friendly and modern characteristics, implementing the direction of the Prime Minister on the applying the achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 to the life.

The electricity service level 4 meets all services as required by customers from the registration stage, receiving the results to 100% payment through online.

Up to now, EVN is providing electricity directly to over 27.6 million customers; 100% of communes and 11/12 island districts have been provided with electricity directly via national grid or local renewable energy projects as solar and wind power.

Since the end of 2015, EVN has set up and put into operation 5 Customer Care Centers (CCC) in the whole country. CCCs play the main role as focal point of EVN to bring electricity service to customers through the diversification of many service channels such as telephone exchange, email, CCC Website, Social Zalo, Facebook ... The diversified service channels deployed by applying the information technology and supplying the online electricity services level 3 from 21/12/2017, that has created favorable conditions for customers and transparence in transaction.

Up to the November 2018, the EVN already completed to supply the electricity services for 61per 63provinces/cities in the whole country, from which for 16 provinces/cities through the Public Administration Centers and for 45 provinces/cities through the local online public service portal.

In 2018, the Electricity Supply Reliability Index of Vietnam is considerably improved as increased 37 steps compared with 2017 ranking that helps Vietnam to occupy the forth rank in ASEAN on Electricity Supply Reliability Index. In particular, in terms of the number of procedures and the time to implement the electricity supply of the electricity sector, Vietnam ranks second in ASEAN region.

According to the results on surveying the Provincial Competitiveness Index - PCI 2017 implemented by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the electricity supply quality of EVN has been evaluated by enterprises with significant improvement, and maintains the second place consecutively in 2016 and 2017.

In 2018, a series of indexes of EVN as electricity access index, electricity supply quality index and other indexes (SAIDI, SAIFI)… were positively changed that made society and customers satisfied and EVN to be high valued.

In recent years, EVN continuously innovated and applied advanced technologies in business, customer service, improving the quality of electricity supply. Efforts of EVN have been assessed by the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Vietnam as "Vietnam's Sustainable Enterprise in 2018" and in 2018, EVN is assessed by the organization “Towards Transparency” as one of the leading state-owned enterprises on information transparency.

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