Ensuring enough power for dry season

Ensuring enough power for dry season - 

The Central Highlands has suffered severe droughts, while the south has experienced high temperatures since the beginning of the year. Therefore, the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) is trying to implement a range of measures to ensure electricity supply during dry season.

Power units have prepared to ensure power supply in the dry season

Exploiting all power sources

Vietnam’ system power output reached 12.195 billion kWh in March, with commercial electricity reaching 9,496 billion kWh. In the first quarter of 2014, the output reached 32,068 billion kWh, an increase of 6.85 percent over the same period last year, with commercial electricity reaching 27,681 billion kWh, an increase of 7.59 percent.

The load of the power system may reach 400 million kWh per day in April, higher than the March average of about 6.6 million kWh per day.

To ensure power supply and demand, EVN will continue to maximize the domestic thermal power sources and prepare to buy more power from China. Particularly in the peak months of the dry season, EVN will strive to settle troubleshooting in time, reducing downtime and outage scope.

Currently, EVN’s power units have built scripts for electricity distribution under normal operating conditions and in a lack of system capacity output. On the other hand, they will continue to raise awareness of the public on how to safely use and effectively save electricity.

During the dry season of 2014, power demands is be high; meanwhile, the south continues suffering fierce hot weather and water hydropower reservoirs in Central Highlands remain low water levels. EVN will strive to ensure safe and stable power supply, especially in the four key economic areas. Power plants continue to maximize the thermopower and hydropower exploitation. Purchasing power from China at reasonable level to ensure balance of domestic power supply and demand is also considered.

Speeding up power projects

In March, EVN has commissioned two generator units in Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant and Hai Phong 2 Thermal Power Plant, with total capacity of 922MW; and 48 power transformer stations, with total line length of 705km and total capacity of 1.350MVA. Five other power transformer stations are under construction.

EVN also required The National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) to apply measures to ensure safe operation of high-voltage grid; accelerate construction of power projects; handle power related problems with 500kV lines passing through Quang Ninh, Mong Duong, Hiep Hoa, Phu Lam, O Mon, Pleiku, My Phuoc, Cau Bong; ensure power supply in the dry season with an expected load growth from 9.2 percent to 10.4 percent over the same period last year.

(To ensure power supply during the dry season in 2014, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai issued Notice 22/TB-VPCP asking power units to improve power availability, minimize repair in dry season. The hydroelectric power plants should collaborate with the local authorities in power supply, flood control, and water supply).

Source: VEN

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