Electricity output in March surges 14 percent

Electricity output in March surges 14 percent - 

The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Group forecasts national power generation in March to pick up 14 percent from the same month last year, averaging 495 million kWh of electricity every day.

EVN said that spare capacity on the electricity system will be seen in March as the maximum power consumption is calculated at around 25,640 MW while the system is able to generate from 31,100 MW to 33,600 MW in the month.

In the first two months of the year, the EVN’s total power yield stood at 24.86 billion kWh, 14.25 percent higher than the same period in 2015. Of the total amount, hydropower accounted for 24.62 percent, coal-fired thermal power 42.04 percent, gas-fuelled power 31.77 percent, petroleum thermal power 0.5 percent and imported power 1.07 percent.

Meanwhile, 23.22 billion kWh of commercial power were supplied for the group’s end-customers during the period, a year-on-year increase of 12.18 percent.

The Group will utilise capacity of its thermal power plants to ensure sufficient power for production in March as well as in dry season while running hydropower plants at appropriate level to serve water demands in downstream localities.

Last month, the Group released water from Hoa Binh, Thac Ba and Tuyen Quang hydropower plants for winter-spring crop farming in the midlands and northern delta./.

Source: VEN-VNA

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