Binh Thuan proposes to add more than 22 thousand MW to the PDP

Binh Thuan proposes to add more than 22 thousand MW to the PDP - 

Binh Thuan Provincial People's Committee (PPC) has just submitted a proposal to the Prime Minister (PM) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to add 22,342 MW to the National Electricity Development Planning (PDP) for the period 2021 - 2030, with a vision up to 2045 (PDP VIII).

In this document, Binh Thuan province proposes to add to PDP VIII: Ke Ga LNG Gas Power project with a capacity of capacity of 3,600 MW, 15 solar power projects with a total capacity of 759 MW and 11 wind power projects including 3 onshore and 8 offshore projects with an expected total capacity of 17,983 MW.

According to Binh Thuan PPC, the development of offshore wind power projects will contribute to ensuring electricity prices under a harmonious competition for the interests of the State, investors and people and, at the same time, increasing the localization rate. The investors also commit to invest in accompanied transmission grids if these offshore wind power projects will be permitted by Vietnam Government.

Binh Thuan PPC considers the above proposed projects, specially the Ke Ga LNG project will create a driving force for the renewable, gas energy and socio-economic development in locality, and efficient use of the 500 kV power power system from Ham Thuan Nam (Binh Thuan) to Long Thanh (Dong Nai) and Binh Duong.

At the same time Binh Thuan PPC, also asks the Government and MOIT to develop the support policies, mechanisms for offshore wind power projects in association with the marine strategy of Vietnam and to consider how to supplement the projects into PDP, bid projects and select investors, calculate electricity prices, purchase power agreement and connecting the offshore power projects to the national power system with a priority for the vanguard projects, which bring high socio – economic efficiency to create an attractive environment for the following projects.

Binh Thuan PPC informed that, there several expected solar and wind power projects in the province place in planning zone for titanium ore exploratory, exploitation, processing and use and planning zone for titanium ore reserving that cannot to be deployed, so Binh Thuan PPC asks MOIT in cooperation with Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment promptly to submit to Prime Minister for approval the partial adjustment of the planning for titanium ore exploratory, exploitation, processing and use zoning, and titanium ore reserving in accordance with the conclusions of PM in the announcement No 293/TB-VPCP of the Government Office dated 13/8/2020.

In accordance with PDP VII and PDP VII (adjusted) for period 2011 – 2020 with a vision up to 2030, in Binh Thuan should be invested two large electricity centers as Vinh Tan, Son My and power transmission grid system for releasing capacities of these power centers.

Up to now, in Binh Thuan there 42 power plants with a total capacity of 6,225 MW and generation of 31 billion kWh are operating. In period 2021 – 2030, it is expected to be completed Vinh Tan 3 thermal power plant (TPP) coal fired, Son My 1, 2 TPP gas fired, and 9 on-shore wind power projects.

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