Approving the National Program on DSM

Approving the National Program on DSM - 

The Prime Minister has approved the National Program on Demand Side Management (DSM) for Vietnam power system in 2018 -2020 period and orientation to 2030.

The overall goal of the program on DSM is synchronous deploying technical, technological and socio-economical solutions to involve active participation of the customers to use less electricity during peak hours, or to move the time of electricity use to off-peak time such as nighttime and weekends. Peak demand management does not necessarily decrease total electricity consumption, but could be expected to reduce the need for investments in networks and/or power plants for meeting peak demands.

The specific goal of the DSM program is to reduce the peak load capacity of national power system (compared with load demand forecast in the National Power Development Planning VII) for 300MW by 2020, 1000MW by 2025 and 2000MW by 2030, and to increase load factor of the national power system for 1-2% in 2018 – 2020 period and 3 -4% in 2021 – 2030 period.

The national program on DSM should be implemented in accordance with the roadmap and specific stages to ensure the conditions, institutions and policies of the Vietnamese sector. The main contents of the program are:

1.To develop and improve the legal framework for implementing the National Program on DSM

2.To promote activities to enhance awareness of the society, customers and electricity units of the National Program on DSM

3.To implement DSM and DR (demand response) programs

In order to successfully implement the National Program on DSM, the relevant authorities should focus on implementing the key solutions as synchronizing scientific and technologic solutions for DSM program implementation with developing smart grids; coordinating and integrating DSM program with the state key program on “Research, application and development of energy technologies” to guarantee maximal exploiting potential of DSM program.

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