An addition of 4 power plants to the Power Market

An addition of 4 power plants to the Power Market - 

According to the Electricity of Vietnam, in the first quarter of 2015, while continuing comfortable operation, the Vietnamese Competitive Generation Market (VCGM)  had attracted additionally 4 power plants as Nam Chien 2, Da M’Bri Hydropower and Extended Uong Bi 1, Uong Bi 2 Thermal power plants to participate offering prices directly to the market.

The Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant.

These power plants have fully prepared all the necessary conditions to participate in the power market since the end of 2014 in accordance with the developing roadmap agreed by EVN and the Power Plants.

It is a chance, VCGM creates the conditions for power plants to offer prices directly to the market and find the opportunities for increasing more interests. Thereby, the competitive and transparent factors of the power market should be more and more evident, as well.

With a more and more rapid increase of the number of power plants to participate in the VCGM, the power market is continuing to be effectively operated, creates the necessary foundation for developing the Pilot Competitive Power Wholesale Market in 2016.

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