All economic backgrounds can participate in investment in the power generation and transmission

All economic backgrounds can participate in investment in the power generation and transmission - 

On June 22, chairing the Government's Standing Committee on the mechanisms for power plant and grid development, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that all economic backgrounds can participate in power generation and transmission electricity.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chairs the Government's Standing Committee on the mechanisms for power plant and grid development/ Photo by Quang Hiếu-VGP

Assessing the energy situation over the past time, the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) informed the renewable energy (RE) costs decreasing very rapidly in the recent time created conditions for increasing competitiveness of RE in comparison with traditional energy and for stronger developing wind and solar power projects, there is a great potential of which in our country.

At present, many provinces "turn away" from coal-fired thermal power due to environmental protection issues although with the world current technology, the environmental impact of coal fired thermal power project strongly reduce despite a higher investment rate. Many coastal provinces desire to have a gas-fired electricity center with a capacity from 3,000 MW up. This is a new happening that requires a scientific and objective planning and a comprehensive assessment as "where, when and with what capacity to develop it”, rather than following the recommendations of the localities.

MOIT will submit the power development planning to 2030 with an outlook up to 2045 in that should be outlined mechanisms for developing power projects in the future.

The ministries and agencies showed the support for the new power development planning prepared by MOIT.

The opinions also said that planning should be not mechanical and rigid, but must originate from the needs of socio-economic development, set the subjects for all domestic and foreign economic backgrounds. The state has mechanisms to create conditions for investors.

At the meeting, the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc highly appreciated Electricity of Vietnam in ensuring enough electricity for production and living activities of the people in the severe hot summer.

Regarding electricity management, the Prime Minister emphasized: MOIT has responsibility to guarantee power plants and grids for development of the country and must preside setting concrete plans and be responsible to the bitter end in directing implementation.

The individual role in directing implementation is very important, rather than when an electricity shortage occurring, then considering whose responsibility.

The Prime Minister required to implement the Resolution of the Politburo and relevant laws adopted by the National Assembly, accordingly to which, all economic backgrounds can participate in developing power plants and transmission grids, priority to developing RE, applying marketing laws in power generation, it is very important to ensure competitive electricity prices with a principle “what beneficial for the people and for the producers to attract investment, that should be done”.

The Prime Minister assigned MOIT and the State Capital Management Committee at Enterprises, the state groups and relevant agencies to have coordination and assigning specific tasks on deploying the projects, ensuring progress and clarifying responsibilities of each units.

The Ministries, agencies, Electricity of Vietnam, Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group should make efforts, coordinate and support MOIT in implementing this policy.

After this meeting, MOIT will perfect the draft mechanisms; the Ministry of Justice will appropriate in order to submit it to the Prime Minister as soon as possible.

Given that the problem of wind, solar and gas power projects are implemented still slowly, the Prime Minister required MOIT to urgently handle and transparently clear responsibility.

Regarding investment capital, it is to encourage socialization of investment capital including foreign capital.

The Prime Minister agreed to adjust the power development planning VII by MOIT proposal The Prime Minister also required MOIT to submit and Ministry of Justice to appropriate the power development planning VIII.

At the same time, the Prime Minister specified the requirements on anti-corruption, negative interests and group interests in the proposal of the power development planning VII and VIII.


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