Adjusting the project “Investing transmission grids 3”

Adjusting the project  “Investing transmission grids 3” - 

The Prime Minister has just adjusted the content of the Decision No. 1576 / QD-TTg dated 11/09/2015 of the Prime Minister on approving the list of the project "Investment transmission grid 3".

According to the decision, the project "Investment transmission grid 3" would be carried out in 4.5 year period (2016 - June 2020) instead of 3 year period (2016-2018).

The investment capital of the project as an Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan decreased by $7.38 million, from $238.69 million to $231.31 million.

The objective of the project "Investment the transmission grid 3" is to expand and develop the transmission grid system in the whole country, reduce the loads for the national grid and meet electricity demand in the project areas; timely transmitting capacities from the new power plants to the growing load centers; maintaining safety, improving the electricity reliability and quality of the national power transmission system.

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