Vinacomin to prepare a coal supply option for electricity generation rising

Vinacomin to prepare a  coal supply option for electricity generation  rising - 

First 6 months of 2015, the member units of the Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Industries Hoilding Corporation Ltd - (Vinacomin) tried their best to maintain coal stable production, ensure employmenst for workers and actively invested for preparation to meet the rising coal demand, especially coal for electricity generation in coming time.

According to Vinacomin’s report, in June, 2015, it is expected to reach a 17 million cubic meters land strip volume (8.8% year plan); 21.7 thousand meters pit digging length (7.4% year plan), of which 2091 meters for basic construction digging 2.9 million ton raw coal production (7% year plan); 3.2 million ton coal consumption (8.4% year plan), among that 3.1 million ton for domestic use and 100 thousand ton for export; 60 ton tin bar; 3522 ton pure copper ore; and 771 milliom kWh electricity generation and consumption.

Regarding the turnover, in June, it is estimate to get a VND 4,832 billion by coal sale (8.4% YP); 607 billion by mineral production and sale (7.3%YP); 1,297 billion by electricity sale (11.4%YP); 256 billion by mechnical production (8.9%YP).

Generally, in the first 6 months, 2015 the situation of production and business plan of Vinacomin is as follows: coal production: 20.7 million tons (50.7%YP), as same as 105.4% in comparíon with the same time of last year; coal sale: 17.7 million ton (49.2% YP), as same as 95.8% to the same time of 2014, among that 17 million ton for domestic market (117% to 2014) and 713 thousand ton for export (18.1% to 2014); land strip: 102 million cubic meters (52.5%YP and 127.4% to the s.t, 2014); pit digging: 131 thousand meters (45% YP and 105% to s.t, 2014), among that, 11,339 meters for basic construction (40%YP, 77.2% to s.t, 2014); investment capital: VND 9,340 billion (39%YP, 98.4% to s.t 2014); turnover: VND 54,788 billion as same as 103.5% to the same time of 2014, among that, by coal: 26,239 billion (96% to s.t 2014), and by mineral: 3,247 billion (107.3% to s.t 2014), by electricity sale: 6,281 billion (96.5% to s.t 2014); mechanical production: 1384 billion (103.2% to s.t 2014); industrial explosive material supply: 2,206 billion (103% to s.t 2014).

In the last 6 months 2015, Vinacomin will focus to stick close on the markets, bring forward the appropriate and timely selling measures and encourage the units of low cost price to increase their selling production over the plan.

For the coal consumption, it is to continue closely adhering the market happenings; keep a good relationship with customers, ensure to deliver coal to customers in time; closely control the quality and delivery rate of progress.

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