Vinacomin to meet raising demand for coal

Vinacomin to meet raising demand for coal - 

The National Coal - Minerals Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) informed, the Corporation has basically completed the first quarter production and business plan, accounting approximately 25% of 2016 year plan.

According to Vinacomin, in the first quarter, the coal supplied by Vinacomin for the thermal power plants was high increased, while coal for cement, chemical fertilizers and other customers sustained to compete between domestic (outside Vinacomin) and import coal sources from Russia, Australia, Indonesia, China ...

Thanks to the favorable conditions of the weather and power supply for coal production, processing and business, coal production and business plans of the Corporation in March and the first quarter were basically fulfilled.

Regarding selling products, Vinacomin flexibly operated transporting coal from Mao Khe - Uong Bi mines to the eastern area to mix with import coal for sufficiently meeting coal demand of the market…

In the first quarter, Vinacomin sold nearly 8.7 million tons of coal at the upstream mines for domestic market (including the amount for coal downstream businesses for mixing and processing).

Vinacomin strives to carry out the production and business plan in April, 2016 as producing 3.8 million tons of crude coal and selling 3.1 million tons of clean coal; generating 800 million kWh of electricity; producing 5,500 tons and selling 8,700 tons of dynamite; producing 65,000 tons of alumina, 50 tons of lump tin, 900 tons of lump zinc pure, 4,000 tons of pure copper ore, 15,000 tons of pure iron ore, 40 kg of gold… The mechanical and commercial services companies to balance ability and resources to successfully implement the plans assigned from the beginning of the year.

In condition of gradually improving alumina and non-ferrous metals prices, Vinacomin requires the mineral producing companies toclosely follow the market for signing the whole year contracts on trading products; continue to check and perfect the mechanism on the flat rate costs for producing, transporting and selling products.

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