Vinacomin tightens managing the upstream coal

Vinacomin tightens managing the upstream coal - 

In order to achieve the 2017 profit targets, Vinacomin is directing its subsidiaries in close coordination with local authorities to strengthen inspection, control and protect the resources within the boundaries of licensed exploitation and resource management; resolutely fight coal losses from within the mines; and tighten managing upstream coal.

To reach the planed objectives, Vinacomin continuously carries out: the solutions for reducing production costs, guaranteeing income for the pit workers; technical, technological, organizational, management system, finance and labor restructure. Besides, Vinacomin also concentrates to direct good implementing technical norms on ground breaking, pit length coefficients, rates of coal recovery and losses.

In the first nine months of 2017, Vinacomin produced more than 26.8 million tons of coal accounting 75% of the year plan, increasing 1.2% in comparison with the production amount at the same time of 2016, of which 24.3 million tons of clean coal. In these months Vinacomin sold more than 24.2 million tons of coal equal to 67% of the year plan and equivalent to amount sold at the same time of 2016.

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