Vinacomin sold nearly 5.4 million tons of coal in two first months of 2019

Vinacomin sold nearly 5.4 million tons of coal in two first months of 2019 - 

Vietnam Coal and minerals Industry Group (Vinacomin) informed that since the beginning of 2019 the group has produce around 5.5 million tons of the raw coal and sold nearly 5.4 million tons of clean coal, of which 4.0 million tons for power sector.

According to Vinacomin, the production and trade of coal and minerals in two first months of 2019 were relatively favorable, kept at a good pace and grown in comparison with that in 2018. The other units in the group also kept stable activities and strictly carried out the directions of the Group leadership.

However, besides the advantages, Vinacomin is also facing with many difficulties and challenges increasingly available such as: mechanisms and policies of the State for enterprises in general and for State economic groups in particular are increasingly close; the problem that domestic coal production cannot meet enough demand of customers; the safety and environmental protection are required more stringently and strictly; the coal market competition has become more severely…

In 2019, Vinacomin set the production and business targets higher than plan in 2018 to meet the increasing demand for coal, minerals and electricity.

The 2019 targets of Vinacomin in 2019 are follow:

The raw coal production is 40 million tons, the clean coal sale - 42 million tons. Production and business of minerals, electricity, explosives and mechanical products are kept at a stable growth rate and exceeding the target of 2018.

The turnover of the Group should be strived to reach VND 128,000 billion with 68,000 billion from coal business. In 2019, the Vinacomin will strive to achieve interest of 3000 billion VND and an average salary level of 11.3 million VND/person/month.

The above targets place the great challenges for Vinacomin in 2019 because of sinking production conditions that leads to increasing production costs while productive capacity, labor force and working conditions are still limited.

In order to complete the 2019 plan in the very difficult conditions as mentioned above, Vinacomin should continue to promote innovation, perfect the management and production organization and bring science and technology with 3 key points "Mechanization, automation and computerization" into all the production and business activities from exploiting, screening and processing and consider science and technology as the keys for increasing labor productivity, reducing resource losses, saving costs. In 2019, Vinacomin also pays more attention to strengthen the training of human resources, innovate and improve the labor quality to access new technology, forward to manage and operate human resource by computerization.

It is very important to apply synchronized mechanization in coal pit mining, implement researching application of the light mechanization to increase labor productivity, improve working conditions and reduce unsafe risk.At the same time, Vinacomin should continue to strengthen the activities for supervision and internal management, saving costs, improving labor productivity, business efficiency and ensuring wages and income for employees in accordance with the current regulations.

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