Vinacomin sold 3.06 million ton of coal in May, 2017

Vinacomin sold 3.06 million ton of coal in May, 2017 - 

On the morning of June 6, 2017, Vinacomin General Director Dang Thanh Hai presided over the online conference on production management in June 2017 at Hanoi and Ha Long points.

In May, due to the weather favorable condition, stable electricity supply and good security and order control in its subsidiaries, Vinacomin achieved the main targets (as crude coal production, soil and rock taking) in May, except coal sale decrease as electricity customers reduce generation and cement customers have not received coal as planned.

The production and business results of Vinacomin in May were: crude coal production – 3.39 million ton (9.4% of year plan), coal sale – 3.08 million ton (8.6% of year plan); mineral production including refined cooper ore - 4,745 ton, cooper plate – 820 ton, zinc bar – 900 ton, tin bar – 37 ton, alumina + hydrate equality – 94,368 ton, electricity generation and sale – 911 million kWh, explosive production – 4,500 ton and explosive sale – 8,900 ton, ammonium nitrate production and sale – 9,000 ton.

Estimate turnovers from: coal sale – 4,982 billion VND (9.2% of year plan), mineral – 922 billion (8.1% YP), electricity – 1,125 billion (9.7% YP), mechanical production – 218 billion (9.4 YP), industrial explosive materials – 400 billion (9.4% YP), others – 1,144 billion (5% YP).

In conclusion, General Director Dang Thanh Hai asked subsidiaries to highly concentrate, closely stick to the plans to finish the first 6 months of the year without any technical – economical targets lower than planned.

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