Vinacomin makes a breakthrough in engineering sector

Vinacomin makes a breakthrough in engineering sector - 

To improve competitiveness and make a breakthrough in the development of engineering sector of Vinacomin, Chairman of Vinacomin Member Council Le Minh Chuan asked for a closer cooperation and coordinate among the member units and to work out development strategies to develop the engineering sector of the group.

The development planning of the coal-mining industry until 2020 with vision to 2030 specified that the development orientation of engineering sector is to enhance research, design and manufacturing capabilities on its own and boost application of advanced technologies and technological transfers for enterprises in the sector. Vinacomin is making the most of the available resources to make high quality and competitive products and maintain the growth of engineering enterprises, the chaiman said.

The group is also making drastic instructions on the Institute of Energy and Mining Machines – Vinacomin to coordinate with mechanical enterprises to gradually standardize the designs of full-set products, aimed at building a standard system of the sector to both ensure industrial characteristics in the domestically-made engineering products and setting up a technical barriers to differentiate from the low quality mechanical import products.

In addition, every year, the group will instruct its member units to complete documents and register the list of newly-manufactured products with the Ministry of Industry and Trade so that the relevant ministries and sectors could adopt appropriate tax mechanisms and policies on its products.

Chairman of Vinacomin Member Council Le Minh Chuan affirmed that in the coming time, the member units need to boost research and manufacture of new materials and equipment to take initiative in the domestic supplies and reduce reliance on imports following the guideline “Vietnamese people prioritize made-in-Vietnam goods.”

Source: Vinacomin

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