Vinacomin implements the group’s business plans in 2015

Vinacomin implements the group’s business plans in 2015 - 

On December 23, 2014 in Ha Long City, Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Industries Group (Vinacomin) held a meeting to sum up its production and trade activities in 2014 and implement the group’s business plans in the year 2015.

Vinacomin signs a business coordination contract in 2015 with its member units

In 2014, the production and trade situation of Vinacomin basically remained stable. Such fields as mineral exploitation and electricity grew considerably year on year.

The group has earned nearly 106.8 trillion VND of revenue; 2 trillion of profits; contributed of 12 trillion VND to the State budget, up 12 percent to the same period last year.

In 2015, the Group aims to produce 40.8 million tons of coal, consume of 38 million tons, total revenue of 114 trillions VND. Also 2014, Vinacomin will continue to implement the group's re-structuring, as instructed by the Prime Minister.

In order to achieve the target, the Group will boost its production from the beginning of the year to fully meet domestic demand while stockpiling coal at a proper amount. The Group will apply advanced technologies to increase production capacity, productivity and efficiency while actively importing coal and then exploiting the resource aboard to feed power projects.

Vinacomin will focus on searching for customers; boosting coal production and consumption; ensuring growth and effectiveness; boosting cost saving management practices; while enhancing environmental hygiene and labor safety in the production process.

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